Matt Sclarandis

Senior Creative, Photographer, Designer & Documentarist.

Matt Sclarandis

I work as a creative, photographer and documentarist and I love to escape places finding myself in a hectic search for freedom with a generous pinch of madness. Constantly looking for the beauty in this world, I slam in the grim reality of life and sometimes I document about it. 

Along with various personal projects, after completing my studies in Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London I worked as a digital designer at London advertising agency Leagas Delaney for almost 3 years where I worked for clients such as Patek Philppe, Avon, Penfolds, Glenfiddich and Deutsche Bank then moved to India to work for an incubator of startups called Prototyze where I worked as a head designer for over two years.  Since then I have been traveling the world non stop working remotely. I am terrified of spiders and obsessed with surfing.

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