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Zonin - Humans 1821

Zonin Prosecco announces the launch of HUMANS 1821: a four-episode series, conceived and created by brandstories.

Authentic, Self-confident and Fresh: these are the elements that represent the brand essence of Zonin Prosecco. A brand essence that Zonin wanted to tell with people, rather than to people. To do this, it relied on brandstories, the Milanese agency specializing in branded entertainment and storytelling formats. Thus was born a story that leads us to explore the world of three authentic and highly inspirational people, through the eyes and lens of photographer Matt Sclarandis.

Three young Italians with a strong international profile. Astrid Luglio, a designer specializing in the creation of glass objects, Thomas Costantin, a musician and DJ and Sofia Cacciapaglia, a painter. Matt Sclarandis enters their world, meets them in their studios, workplaces, homes and photographs them, inviting them to tell their stories.

The viewer thus knows the story of the protagonists in a story told in the first person, spontaneous, authentic and fresh.

Humans 1821

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Thomas Costantin

Thomas Costantin was born in Padua on 4 April 1993. He attended the artistic high school in Padua and the Brera Academy in Milan. As a DJ he uses his name and surname but as a producer the alias THO.MAS. He composes original soundtracks and performs live music for fashion events in Milan and around the world.

Instagram: @thomascostantin

Sofia Cacciapaglia

Sofia Cacciapaglia was born in Ponte dell’Olio in 1983. She grew up and studied in Milan, where she graduated magna cum laude in Painting at Accademia di Brera.Shortly afterward she moved to New York, where she held her first personal exhibition in 2007. Since then her work has been shown in Italy, UK, Switzerland and China.

Instagram: @sofiacacciapaglia

Astrid Luglio

Astrid Luglio, Italian product designer, was born in Naples in 1988. She studied at NABA — the New Academy of Fine Arts — in Milan, graduating in Product Design. In 2018, she founded her own independent studio and started to teach. Astrid is also part of an ongoing collective with fellow designers. Together they have started a reflection on contemporary design, through the creation of artifacts and experiences that investigate the renewed need for sensory involvement.

Instagram: @astridluglio

Zonin Manifesto 



A story by:  Zonin Prosecco

Client Team:  Matteo Groppa e Luca Maruffa

Starring:  Matt Sclarandis with Sofia Cacciapaglia, Thomas Costantin, Astrid Luglio

Photos by: Matt Sclarandis

Created by:  brandstories and Zonin1821

Managing Partner brandstories:  Alessia Cicuto

Director:  Marco Placanica

Creator and Writer:  Shahin Javidi

Writer Manifesto:  Mauro Belloni

DoP:  Devid Fichera

Casa di Produzione:  Sala Giochi

Executive Producer:  Riccardo Giacobini

Producer:  Doriana Pagnotti

Project Manager:  Dennis Caglioti

Shot at: Comodo 64 Studio - Turin

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