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Crying for Equality

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Limited edition of 24 units. This portrait is printed on fine art smooth paper  310 g/m² and signed by Matt Sclarandis 

It's available in 3 sizes:

A2 [59.5 x 42 cm] with ~6 cm margins

A3 [42 x 29.7 cm] with ~4 cm margins 

A4 [29.7 x 21 cm] with ~3 cm margins 

This portrait was taken shortly after the Black Lives Matter protests in USA and it was part of a series that portraits two women who grew up in a European town. They were both born there but one has to deal with all the issues that black people face in this society, while the other one does not. Regardless of their background and colour, they love each other deeply and are portraited in different settings showing their respective love for each other. 

This image in particular, however, taken singularly, portrays a white woman being thoughtless and indifferent to the fact that a black woman is trying to get her attention in almost a suffocating way and it symbolizes society’s urgent scream demanding for equality. 

Serie is available for print too. 

Message me at for any questions you might have. 

Bigger print sizes available on request. 

Any purchase equal or greater than €50 will give you access to all 3 of my latest Charity documentaries (See project here:

Photo by @matt.sclarandis

Art Director @giorgiariba

MUA @makecoloursup

Model @bsslena & @_carbonella

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